All photos on these pages are for sale. in a variety of sizes. A more complete selection of photos is available at:

Photos can be purchased directly from me (see prices below) or via the above Print on Demand (POD) website,
This service will print at different sizes and on different surfaces (e.g. paper, canvas, metal, acrylic). If you are in Madison the best option would be to contact me; if you are elsewhere the print service may be the best option.

I can currently print photos up to 17” wide by as long as you want. Larger sizes are available, but it will take longer to process orders. If you want to see photos in person check my
show schedule.

Photos are priced as follows:

Notecards - - - $3.50 or 3/$10.00
Bookmarks - - -$3.00
Magnets - - - $4.50

Prints (matted size indicated)

8” x 10” - - - $15.00
11” x 14” - - - $30.00
16” x 20” - - - $60.00
18” x 24” - - - $90.00


Prints are also available as large canvases:
16" x 32" ---$250
20"x30" ----$250
16"x48" ---- $325
If you are interested in other sizes
contact me.
Prices for non-standard size images (e.g. panoramas) are indicated with the photo.

Other Information

Most photos are available in all sizes. Certain photos may not be available in the larger sizes. Notecards are usually 4"x6" prints on 5"x7" cards, with an envelope and plastic sleeve.

Prices for other sizes are available on request. Panoramas and larger prints are also available unmatted, and mailed in a tube. Contact me for further details.

If you wish to purchase photos, indicate which photo you want (ID number) and the size you want, and
e-mail me for payment information, or call me at 1 608 274 2468. I now accept credit card. You can email me your card information, call me, or e-mail me your phone number and I will call you back.